offers different services, R&D work and production on the basis of its – partly patented – know how.

  • An entirely developed concept of technology from biorefinery raw materials to products within the biorefinery regime.
  • Development of technologies in the field of combination of biotechno-
    logical and chemical transformation of substances (e.g. derivatizations
    in biotech fermenter regime).
  • Development and supply of polyelectrolyte complex precipitation
    structures for your applications (micro-capsules, membranes a.o.).
  • Preparation of multiple emulsion systems for encapsulation
    of substrates (e.g. nutrients, dyes, drugs and bio-materials).
  • Complex analysis and chromatography of polymers (especially biopoly-
    mers and polyelectrolyte complexes), such as GPC, HPLC, rheology,
    and polarography, capsule strength, investigation of permeability a.o.
  • Synthesis of your target compounds according to literature or self-
    developed prescriptions (subject to restrictions of law).
  • Particular know how in the field of derivatization of alpha-and beta-
    hydroxy carbonic acids, alpha-amino acids and hydroxy betains.
  • Patent know how in lactone and lactame syntheses and their poly-

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